Donald Trump Oath in 2017-18 And Strikes Start Women Of USA

Donald Trump Oath in 2017-18 And Strikes Start Women Of USA (2)

US intelligence agency CIA targeted criticism of Donald Trump Oath took power. First of all The CIA took charge of the U-turn to tie the definitions of the bridge. Also lead agency for the presidency of Donald Trump Oath started to make a statement in support of US. Hence Intelligence agencies to carry out their statements. Therefore the United States of the former government also in speech.

Donald Trump Oath in 2017 & Many Issues Started

Furthermore Russia had supported the elected President Donald Trump and US reports of intelligence agencies declared valid claim.Also Obama government Trump after the CIA tension was born, but Trump was subjected to severe criticism of the CIA’s counter-allegations.

Finally CIA chief John Brennan said Donald Trump Oath was advised to control the language he took office. US President formally on the takeover on the day of the visit the headquarters. The company’s actions and start reading eulogies efforts blocked.

Most of all US Vice President is accompanied CIA headquarters of American citizens. In addition to this Property protection in the key agencies that visit had a Donald Trump on our government will fully cooperate with US intelligence agencies.CIA was my statement about the wrong color.

Protesters carried full arrangements to thwart staged a presidential parade in honor of President Donald Trump Oath. Therefore When the rally by police outside the White House protesters wounded several officers causing started throwing stones.Therefore When demonstrators in front of the White House were also torched parked cars near Franklin Square Park

In conclusion City Police Chief Peter nyuzhym is not to use force that tried the police.Due to this police forced sprayed with tear gas and pepper while the 217 victims of the Peace. As a result has been detained who will be appearing before the court.